Persian Radio 's Feedback Page

Here are some selected EMails we have received from our dear listeners around the world:
Date: 9 January 1999
From: USA

You have one of the best selections of Iranian music anywhere. Thank you for sharing this great selection with us. I found your site 4 days ago and I have listened to 11 on your programs. They are great. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

Date: 2 January 1999
From: USA

This music is very good.

Date: 27 December 1998
From: USA

Establishment some sort of communacation with all Iranian familie

Date: 6 December 1998
From: USA

Can you broadcast your program daily instead of weekly?

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources for doing that!


Date: 25 October 1998
From: USA

I learned about this site by accident through internet. I have enjoyed it very much. Thank you for providing such a valuable programming. However, I would like to see more CDs and books available for sale. By the way your prices are very reasonable. Thank you for that also.

Date: 22 October 1998
From: California, USA

Hi there,

I am very pleased to find out about your site.

I came across your page many months ago and the similarity of the speaker's voice to a local radio personality drove me away. You have great musical content and I believe you should describe your general content in the radio programm page, telling people that you are mainly about music and specially Iranian "CLASSICAL" music. (Some people like me suppress images in browsing and dont get to see the classical cd images you advertise). The Ganje Sookhteh series is great and needs to be mentioned in text.

God bless you all.

Date: 20 October 1998
From: Utah, USA

How do you become a member?

Where is the questioner?

Sorry, it is confusing.

There is no membership!

There is no questionaire!

Just listen on the Internet and enjoy!

Date: 18 October 1998
From: USA


Date: 15 October 1998
From: USA

Your site is very poor and flustrating. We have tried every single options to either listen to a radio station or watch one of your programs with no luck. Our PC can handle all drivers and program. It would be nice you try to make the site functional before advertizing it to the public.

Date: 14 October 1998
From: Maryland, USA

Please more folk music from all over IRAN and thank you for excellent job.

Date: 5 October 1998
From: Virginia, USA


I just want tosay thank you for providing Iranians with an excellent linkage to their cultural heritage.

Khasteh Nabasheed

Date: 28 September 1998
From: USA

Salaam, and thanks for all the hard works for bring Iran a lot more closer than it used to be. I do not feel homesick as felt in the past due to many Iranian program sites espcially this beatiful program. I hope that every and each one us, hand in hand, make our country proud for being united and care about each other as well as our dear country Iran. God bless president Khatami that made most this possible for our country to rise again among the nations of the world. Long live Iran. Thanks a million again.


Date: 25 September 1998
From: USA

where is the khatami's speech?

Date: 24 September 1998
From: Finland



Great job from you Iranian. Long live IRAN!!!

Date: 22 September 1998
From: USA


I like the new look. Easy to follow and to the point. Only thing is I don't seem to find the radio programs. Also, Persian TV is listed on the index but not "persin Radio". Would be easier if possible.

Love your site.

Date: 21 September 1998
From: USA

Again, I am so happy that you have included President Khatamis speech at UN in your Saturday's show. (be ja ast) As I have said before, this is one of my favorite sites.

Date: 21 September 1998
From: USA

Again, I am so happy that you have included President Khatamis speech at UN in your Saturday's show. (be ja ast) As I have said before, this is one of my favorite sites.

Date: 19 September 1998
From: USA


Date: 6 August 1998
From: USA


Thank you very much for you persian radio program.. khoda hafezet. I live in Southern Florida w/ no radio access to Iranian programs. Your site is one of my mother's main companions, besides her books from there.

Keep up the very good work.

P.S. we love the classicals as well and the whole wide range of styles.

Date: 30 July 1998
From: USA

I just wanted to thank you regarding your very high class program wich is the best I have found on internet. your program is my favorit . Please continue . For a while I missed your program . Please let me know why did you disconinue this program . Thank you again for every thing.

Date: 29 July 1998
From: USA

I just listened to your 7/18 program. Wonderful. As usual you have done it. THANKS SO MUCH. I love Shajareean's concert.

I just wonder why you are not broadcasting in stereo. I would think some of the newer music from Iran are in stereo.


Date: 28 July 1998
From: New Zealand


man saale gozashteh july 97 baraye shoma neveshtam ke be in kare besiar khoob dar in sharayet khass edameh bedaheed emsaal july 98 baaz ham baayad be shoma AFARIN begooyam va az shoma haman khahesh ra be konam ba inkeh kare moshgelly asst valy edameh bedaheed

salaamat basheed..

Date: 26 July 1998
From: USA


Dear Friends,
I found out about the Persian Radio couple days ago and I'm very excited about it. Especially since there are bunch of songs that we can't find them any where and you have them in your archives.
Thanks a lot and good luck

Date: 25 July 1998
From: USA

Just another happy browser, appreciate your efforts and great site. Keep up the great job.

Do you have the "Ney'nava" CD by Hossain Alizadeh.

Date: 21 July 1998
From: USA

I just wanted to tell that I enjoy the kind of music you are playing through 'persianradio'. Keep up the good work. I hope you have the energy and resources to continue doing this. I have told friends about this site, and will continue to do this.

Date: 15 July 1998
From: USA

I realy enjoy the pesian classical music, and you are doing a wonderfull job of providing this valuable servicre to all dear friends.

God Bless you! The classical Persion music are treasure houses of our culture, keep up the good work.

Date: 6 July 1998
From: Yokohama, Japan

Dear friends,

I would like to thank you for your efforts to keep our art and heritage alive, and fulfill our people's desire for our music.

Also, I enjoyed the Arabic peace played by Baligh Hamdi on May 16. Would you please announce the CD title and distributor company of the song?

Your help is appreciated.

Date: 21 June 1998
From: USA


Date: 12 June 1998
From: USA

I would be happy to pay for any monthly/yearly membership fee, or some thing in that line.


Date: 12 June 1998
From: USA

It's been very pleasure last few months to listen to your radio. I was hoping your program continues for ever. Please continue this program.

Ba Ehtramat

Date: 7 June 1998
From: Colorado, USA

I think this is a beautiful way of marketing persian cd's. But can you give us more choices. Keep up the good work and thank you.

Date: 4 June 1998
From: USA

Excellent service. Perhaps a little bit of news would be an improvement.

Date: 29 May 1998
From: USA

It was beautiful to find your site by chance. I appreciate the type of the music that you put on the program, however, I believe that sequence of the songs, have problem.
you are listening to a pure classical music, with all mytical commponents, and all of sudden, a pop singer start with a " Shish v Hashat" song, which I think make you fall from sky.

It would be better if one can listen in some sort of sequence, that does not interupt the atmospher , which has been created by the previous music.
I have some old songs, if i have alist of what you have, or what you need, i would be happy to help you in this regard.

Date: 28 May 1998
From: Virginia, USA


I am a new listener and really enjoy your program. Please let me know, that if there is anyway I can help or contribute to this program.
Thanks again for the great job.

P.S. Would you play more Shahram Nazeri?

Date: 24 May 1998
From: Australia

Great site,

This shows that Iranians Kick Ass.
In soccer and everything els they do.

Date: 12 May 1998
From: USA

I am eagerly waiting to hear your May programms..

Hope that all is well...

wishing you the best

Date: 12 May 1998
From: USA

That is the greatest thing that I have ever seen.

Date: 12 May 1998
From: USA

I think it is a wonderful idea to have sample of music.

Date: 29 April 1998
From: Oslo


Just found your site.Sitting here and listening to your various programs while holding my 4 months old daughter,is really relaxing.

Thank you for your great efforts and good luck.

Date: 25 April 1998
From: USA

you should have more songs by moein or some new artitst that play L.A. style music.

Date: 26 March 1998
From: Germany

I was very happy to find a persian radio in internet. But what about pop-music?
Please think also on young iranian people.

Date: 23 March 1998
From: London, England

Eid norooz shoma mobarak baad.

I am very happy and proud to see a web site such as yours exists. There is nothing better to hear the heartwarming music of our wonderfull country Iran.

I wanted to let you know that your works and efforts to offer the availability of listening and buying of music to the Persian people is great.

thank you.

Date: 21 March 1998
From: USA


Thanks for all the great work you do. I have enjoyed your programs for many months. I wish you a very sucessful year.

sale no mobaraketan

Date: 21 March 1998
From: USA

dear persian radio:

I have been listening to you for a while and I enjoy your programs. I want to thank you for your great programs.also I need to find out ,how I can buy your CDs.

happy new year

Date: 14 March 1998
From: Canada

Hello everyone !

I'd like to take this opportunity to extend my utmost congratulations to everyone of the staff in Persian Radio and wish you all of the best of happiness , blessings and prosperity in the upcoming year.

Yours truly

Date: 13 March 1998
From: USA

You WOWed me My 7 and 3 year old and I found your site just the other day ,it makes me proud to tell my daughters about other iranians who set such a high standards in life and encourage them to follow them.

Thank you for your good work and I hope you never get tired of doing good.

Date: 12 March 1998
From: USA

Enjoying your work and efforts. You guys make Iranians to be proud of BEING an Iranian. DAMET GARM!.

Weeeeeeeeel Done !. Keep it up !!

Date: 10 March 1998
From: USA

Dear Webmaster, Ineed to let you know how excited I am to find your website. I have lived in this country for 16 years most of my childhood years and am very interested in keeping in touch with my roots. Your program helps me continue my efforts in keeping this love of music from my mother-land. Thank you for the opportunity and best wishes in all your efforts to continue this program.

Date: 6 March 1998
From: Switzerland

great, this music

Date: 6 March 1998
From: USA

you did a good job,


Date: 7 February 1998
From: USA

Dear Persian Radio:

This is a very nice radio you have, best wishes to you, I really like it. I would like to put some of my tapes on my homepage in the form of the Real Audio player. But, unfortunately I don't know how, so I was wondering if you could help. I would really appriciate it. I already have a RealServer. How do you put up your clips (radio) by Real Audio?

Thank you very much

Date: 6 February 1998
From: USA

well done, well done

the site is excellent, you should update the programs more.

Best Wishes, BE salamat

Date: 5 February 1998
From: USA

I always look forward to your new program because I enjoy listening to your Net-Radio while I am working.

Keep up good music.

Date: 26 January 1998
From: USA

I rate Persian Radio #1

Dear Persian Radio Staff,

I would like to congratulate you for grate work and valuable program thank you, would you play the following songs if it is possible:

1- Man Va Gongeshk hi e Khoneh from Gogoosh
2- Adamak from Ramesh
3- ParVane Ye Man from Frydoon Froghi
4- Barnameh KoDak (Music for kids 1960 and 1970)

Best Regards.

Date: 23 January 1998
From: USA


Thank you fro Azeri music.

Date: 19 January 1998
From: Charleston, IL, USA

Salam Doostan Aziez

Radio Pars is a great program for most Iranian who are still obsessed with "Vatan" and her culture. I enjoy the programs every week; and thank you for your great job. Keep doing it.

Since Dec. 13, 1997 I am unable to listen your program (it shows error # 38). Can you tell me an essay way to fix it.

Thank you
Sar faraz basheed

Please download the newest version of the RealPlayer program from the RealAudio web site. This will fix your problem. You may get to the RealAudio site from our main site (
Date: 17 January 1998
From: Sweden

Salam o Khaste nabashid!

Thank you for your very intressting site.

Keep it up & good luck!
Date: 17 January 1998
From: USA

Is there a way to download the music file to my hard drive or a disk to listen to off line? Keep up the good work.

Unfortunately, not! You will have to listen to it through RealAudio.
Date: 15 January 1998
From: Saitama, Japan

I would like to thank you for the very interesting Persian Radio. As far as I remember, I have not heard anything from vigen. I would like to hear something from him the Soltan of Iranian Jaz.
Date: 15 January 1998
From: New York, USA

Your providing the radio program on the web is a great one. However, could you please tell me if the radio can also be listened to on FM or AM, and if so, at what wavelength?

Unfortunately, our radio is not on the air. It is only available throught the internet: ( and it is brought to you as a service from (
Date: 14 January 1998
From: USA?

I trully enjoy your program. I personally go my friends and add your site to their "bookmark". keep up the good work and remember Iranians will never get enough of "Golha" good luck.
Date: 14 January 1998
From: Portland, OR, USA



Date: 10 January 1998
From: USA

I would like to thank you so much for providing the Iranian listener with a such valuable service. I enjoy tremendously listening to your program.

Would you please provide the following information in regard to your program segment called, "The Burned Treasure:" Program source, production date, and hosts' names. Also it would be great if you could increase the duration of this segment and do not cut it in middle of a sentence or a topic.

Thank you again.
Date: 11 January 1998
From: Texas, USA

tonight a freind just informed me of you'r web sit, and i tried it for the first time. doostan i am impressed!
just wanted to say thanks for the great music, and i sincerely appreciate all of the efforts you have put behind it. great job and keep it up.
Date: 5 January 1998
From: USA

I know you've heard this enough, but I am one of your original listeners from early early '97. I enjoy your show every single week, and when I've told my dad, you've gotten more and more praise. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! thanks.
Date: 4 January 1998
From: USA

I though a few months ago that Internet is probably the most important technological event in my life time. Your site confirms that thought. I have found a number of real high class Iranian sites that make me feel great to to be called a Persian or Iranian. I am proud of you guys. Keep up the good work.

Note: The crowd that controls the Radio and Television in Los Angeles, California, has not found this medium (Internet) and I hope it stays that way.
I forgot, "Reading" is a pre-requisite for attending.
Date: 1 January 1998
From: USA

I keep getting error 38 (file compression not supported cannot locate the requested RealPlayer decoder). I used to be able to listen to your show whithout getting this message. I can still listen to other shows. Only your site gives me problems. What am I doing wrong?

Please download the newest version of the RealPlayer program from the RealAudio web site. This will fix your problem. You may get to the RealAudio site from our main site (
Date: 31 December 1997
From: Australia

I have already listened to your program of "27th Dec". You do not know how much I appreciate what you have done for me. Please again accept my deepest thanks. I just hope all of our countrymen were more like you and your colleagues at "Persian Radio".

With Highest Regards,
Date: 30 December 1997
From: Canberra, Australia


I am a regular visitor (listener) of PersianRadio site. Would it be possible to have a list of the singers and their songs in a page (as in text) so someone can play the song they want to hear without going through all the audio files.

Many thanks.

We are working on that and it will be ready within the next few months.
Thanks for your patience.
Date: 29 December 1997
From: Utah, USA

Dear Webmaster,
I have really enjoyed the radio programm and look forward for the weeks to come. Except the last two weeks I have not been able to open the programms. I get an error message for the weeks of Dec 13th and 20th. The message further explains that I should erase the new virsion of Real Audio and download it again. I like to know why I only have problems openning those two weeks? I don't get any error messages for the weeks prior Dec 13th. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

Please download the newest version of the RealPlayer program from the RealAudio web site. This will fix your problem. You may get to the RealAudio site from our main site (
Date: 26 December 1997
From: Australia

I would like to thank you for your reply to my email. Also let me thank you for playing the Shod Khazan in your program.

Again please accept my best wishes for you and your co-workers at PERSIAN RADIO, your doing a great job.

With Highest Regards,
Date: 25 December 1997
From: Australia

Dear Persian Radio,

I would like to thank you and also congratulate you for this high quality service which you are providing to all lovers of Persian music and culture.

Secondly I would like to know if you could play any of the songs by Badi-zadeh. I have two song by him i.e. Khazan and Iran Ay keshvar dariush but I would like to know if you could play other songs of his such as Yek done khoros, machine mashty mandly, khaily ghashange etc.

Once again thank you for this great service which your providing us.

With Highest Regards,
Date: 14 December 1997
From: USA

You are really doing a great job. I was really surprised by the quality of your programs and really enjoyed it.

I will pass the word about you around me and hope you will continue the good job for longtime.
Date: 7 December 1997
From: Connecticut, USA

Date: 6 December 1997
From: USA

Daamet Garm, kheylee bahaleen!!!!! Kheyle varedeen!!!

Har hafte bar na mat hal me ko nam!!!!

Ghorbonat, bye!!

Date: 5 December 1997
From: USA

I really like this radio station and
Good programs and no advertisements.
I really enjoy your classic persian music.
Could you play some Shahram Nazeri recent concerts?
I can NOT stand LosAngeles TV/Radio.
Date: 4 December 1997
From: Nevada, USA

The site that you have running is great. It is a good chance for people who live in the states to listen to music and annnouncements. The only concern I got is that you should make more programs than doing 1 program once a week.
Date: 1 December 1997
From: USA

Salam doostan,
Thank you. Thank you very much for the song.
I wish you the best.
Date: 28 November 1997
From: New Jersey, USA

Thank you a bundle for putting Rasheed Behboodoff's second album of Azari music on the sample website. I've been looking for Behboodoff's first album for a decade, and still continue to search. If you have any leads on this, please send me at ... .

Hopeful and optimistic again,
Date: 26 November 1997
From: USA

Salam doostan,
You're doing a graet job. I really injoy it and i'm sure everybody who is getting your program, does.
Do you have any song from Kooros Sarhangzadeh (like man mastamo madhosham....).
I hope you do.
Thank you, and good luck
Date: 23 November 1997
From: USA

Thank you for Azari music. I truly enjoy both farsi and azeri music. I would love to see if you all can play Rashid Behvodov and more Gougosh.

Date: 23 November 1997
From: USA


My son and I are listening to your program every Saturday night and enjoying it very much.

Keep on the good work.
Date: 6 November 1997
From: Calgery, Canada

I enjoy your program. I've just found your internet site and I'm listing to your program for the first time. Please keep on puting your radio show on the internet.

I live in Calgary, Canada. Here there isn't an Iranian radio show. The only access to any Iranian radio show that that I have is on internet. So please keep on puting your shows online.
Keep up the great work!

Thank you
Date: 4 November 1997
From: Canada

Extraordinary and wonderful. Keep up the good job.

Best of luck!
Date: 2 November 1997
From: Texas, USA

Over 25 years ago I had a very beautiful song recorded on an 8-track, which after some years were erased with no known cause ( my casetts from that time still are working.)
I have been able to find it as yet; I hope you are able to locate it and tell me if I can buy it.

Siger: SIAVASH (Shajarian?)
Date: 26 October 1997
From: Canada

Dear Sir/Mme,
I would like to congradulate you for your nice and cool program. Actuallly I have been an Iranian traditional music and a collectioner too. I just want to know if you can be kind enough to send me a copy of the whole parts of the programm called " Ganj-e- Soukhteh". Please send me an e-mail.
Date: 21 October 1997
From: USA

you have the best service/up dated all the time comparing with other iranian sites keep up the good work
Date: 20 October 1997
From: Norway

Ba sàlam và tàshàkkor àz bàrnameje Vagheàn jalebe shoma . Salhast ke donbale ejrajee àz khanome Màrziye hàstàm ke dàr talar Roodàkee be ràhbàriye aghaye Hànnaneeh dashtànd be name "Eshgh àghàr kheimeh zànàd dadàne jan in hàmeh nist". Àz shoma khahesh mikonàm àgàr anra dàr arshiv darid pàkhsh befàrmaieed. Besyar khoshhal khahàm shod. Eradàtmànd
Date: 17 October 1997
From: Ireland

very good site
may be u could add news headlines to your site so we can get news update too.

with thanks
Date: 14 October 1997
From: USA

shajarrian please...........
Date: 13 October 1997
From: Denver, Colorado, USA

a former landlord gave me a cassette of rasheed behboodof's music as a parting gift. i loved it! unfortunately, it was stolen, and i have tried for the past five years to find a replacement. your web site gives me renewed hope that i may yet again be able to enjoy this wonderful music. do you know of any source where i can buy cassettes or cds by mr. behboodof?
many thanks!
Date: 11 October 1997
From: Canada

Dear Sir/Madam
I have recently come across your program in the internet by accident. I would like to let you know that it is a very enjoyable program to listen . I was especially impressed with the fact that you have not fallen to the same trap as many many others who put other programs out .One , is going to exteremes in trying to defend a point of view .Second is playing low quality music which is basically same tunes recycled over and over again (made in usa).
I wish you success in future and I will keep listening while on the computer.
Date: 10 October 1997
From: USA

hi,...thank u for your great service.
i was wondering if u guys could design an index for your each program, so we know what will be included in your program & what music,for instance, we will be hearing at min: 23:54.
thank u.
Date: 30 September 1997
From: Chicago, USA

I listen to your program every week and I love it.........Keep up the great work.
Date: 29 September 1997
From: USA

What happened?

One of the first things I do on a Monday morning is to check out the latest recording of your broadcast. Unfortunately, I just visited the site and found no option for Sept. 27th, 97.

As always, keep up the great job.
Date: 24 September 1997
From: USA

Your programs are very good. I listen to them every day while I am working. I haven't had a chance to all the old ones yet. So far they are great.
Date: 22 September 1997
From: California, USA

Thank you for your program. I listen to your program two or three times a week and is enjoyable each time. Great Job!

Wishing you the best and hope your program extend more hours.


Date: 20 September 1997
From: USA

please add time to your redio programm. i do luv them very much
good luck.
Date: 18 September 1997
From: Sweden

Hello !
As you see I sending a mail from Sweden. I always listen to your program and i think it's very good. I whish you luck.
You always send a program about music history which I find it very interesting.
Date: 8 September 1997
From: USA

It is always like a joyful expeience to hear your program.
it certainly bring a numerous enjoyable memories for me.
Keep up the good work you are doing. I enjoy your program
on the Iranian traditional music.
Date: 6 September 1997
From: USA

Thank you very much for realaudio files so from now on I will be a listener too.
Date: 4 September 1997
From: Utah, USA

To whom it may concern:
Let me congradulate you for a very nice program that you guys have on the internet. I just want to know that if there is any news in your programs, and if there is please let me know.
thanks again.
Date: 26 August 1997
From: USA

Wonderful program, the best!
Keep up the good job!
Date: 26 August 1997
From: Norway

Great Job!!!
Very Good Sound too!
Keep up the good work. We will support you all the way.
PS! I can't get the video of Mr. Kiarostami fuctioning.

Date: 25 August 1997
From: Italy


Date: 24 August 1997
From: Los Angeles, California

az barnameh shoma besyar lezat bordam. Omidwaram ke dar karhayetan movafagh bashid. Kheyly Khoob barnameh ra ejra mikonid va aahanghay besyar khoob va delneshin pakhsh mikonid. Goosh dadan be barnamehayetan ra be hame tovsie mikonam.
Ba arezoye Salamaty va Movafaghiyat.
Date: 13 August 1997
From: Canada

plz, put the dariush(singer) song(takyeh bar badin neesti album of him) in ur next program(next one:Aug 16).

Date: 10 August 1997
From: Alabama

Hello Dear

I visited Persian Radio it's great we love it,accept my best wishes .please play some lorish songs (i realize that,there is a nice collection of lorish music wich are for dance &other in the intertainment section)
Date: 6 August 1997
From: Delaware

Salamun Alakum

I just wanted to know if there is a site out there where I can get new album updates since I live so far away from any persian store. Any help will be really appreciated. By the way your site is great and I am always looking forward to hearing the new music.
Date: 2 Jul 1997
From: New Zealand


afarin be shoma hatman be karetan edameh bedaheed besiar kar mohemy asst dar in zaman
movafagh basheed.
Date: 1 Jul 1997
From: United States

First of all, I would like to congradulate you for for doing such a good job and having this program. Secondly, I like to see this program to be expanded to longer hours and more often than once a week. Thirdly, you sholuld make an arrangement so other Iranians can add their artistic ideas and programs to this radio program. Once again thanks.
Date: 29 Jun 1997
From: Germany

Dustan azyz salam !

man zkz ay snvndäan sma hstm. rvz jksnbh mn ahng lejla fruhar ra ay radjo sma snidm sma gftyd khe lejla frvhr bh tamam lhjh ha v zbanhay airai ahng chande. vly ayn drst nyst. dr ayran bis ay 3 milion torkmen zndegy my knnd ve lyla chanom ay torkmn ha nchand lotfa adrs lejla ra braym bfrstyd kh ahnge torkmny befrstm. ltfa sma gfth tan ra aslah knyd. zzra lejla az hmh zbanha chande. av hta italjai chande vli be zban jki az nvahy iran nchandh.
dvstdar sma,
Date: 28 Jun 1997
From: Los Angeles, California, United States

What great site. The sound quality is excellent. Keep up the good work.
My mom just arrived from Iran and I can't wait until I tell her about this site.
Where we live, we can not get the 24 hour radio.
Date: 8 Jun 1997
From: Austin, Texas, United States

Thank you for the Realaudio. Now I do not have any problem to listen to your radio.
Thanks again and wish you the best.
Date: 3 Jun 1997
From: San Diego, California, United States

Dear Sir,

I am listening to your latest show right now and it's just great. Thank you so much for the wonderful job you have been doing for the past couple of months. I haven't missed a single show and I come back every Saturday for more :)

My favorite songs so far have been:
    Divar Amir Aram
    Ma Perque? Al Bano & Romina Power
    Mahali (?) Khatereh Parvaneh

well, dooroogh chera? I've loved them all..specially the Turkish piece you played today. It's so nice to hear that there are people with our culture as far east as China.
Here is a suggestion for your next show:

Roberta by Peppino Di Capri

I'm sure a lot of people have many good memories with that song.

ghorbanat and lots of luck with your future programs.
Date: 27 May 1997
From: Miami, Florida, United States


I figured that out by the time I got your respond. Thanks a million.

I have sent your URL to everyone I know. You guys are doing an excellent job. I've been looking for a site that would have long programs on the net.

I'm the system administrator for one of the largest Computer Distributors in the States. If you need hardware, get in touch with me I'm sure you'll like our prices. I'd be glad to help.

If you can put on the program that you just took off (I think it was an April show) back on. There's a song in there from Suzan Roshan that I really liked. No biggy, if you can't.

Either way your prompt response is very much appreciated.

Date: 22 May 1997
From: Australia


Well done, and thanks.
Date: 21 May 1997
From: Massachussettes, United States

great site!!!!!!!

keep it up.